An American Girl

How do you feel about your country?

I love America!

My eyes see the good and the bad.

But the important concept is no matter what happens we stick together. My father often said that is we stick together as a family no one can tear us apart.

I wake up every day and live my life. Enjoy the peace among our diverse people and revel in the different cultures.

It shall never be perfect yet I will always promote the positive. As I can walk where I wish and be the person I want to be.

Our land is steeped in history and portrayed as a land of freedom. You can hear and feel the passion and fervency of the people.

If we continue to try and break these bonds there will be nothing left for the future generations. Instead we must preserve the American ideals, culture and history. Bring about changes to nurture our spirit and solidify our foundations.

For we can only experience the past if we present it to the future.

Our country is a unique anomaly. Thousands of people from distinct and varied cultures cohabitating and celebrating the American way. We should not be remiss in our diligence to laud our special qualities!

I’m an American Girl with her own unique perspective. An unending love for her country!

Happy Fourth of July!!!


2 thoughts on “An American Girl

  1. I’m in agreement with you Kim. Let’s keep the American Values intact, those same values that were so attractive for millions of immigrants, including my parents, to want to come here. Happy 4th!

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