Family Vacation

A family vacation can always be interesting!
It’s about being together and making the most of your time!
I love the National Lampoon’s Vacation!
There are some parts of the movie which make me laugh and laugh!
I remember the station wagon, the hazards of traveling the open roads and of course the visit to the amusement park!
Our trip was not too eventful! We went to Great Escape near Lake George New York.
I did have a couple of moments!
On the water slide I decided to lay back and let myself go as fast as possible. The next thing I know I hit the water and it goes up my nose. My nose is burning, I’m coughing and my sunglasses went flying. I sat up for a moment trying to get my thoughts together. A young girl lifeguard walks up to me and asks if I was ok! I nodded my head, found my sunglasses on the other side of the pool.
I decided I needed to stay away from the water slides!
The next day I was sitting on a lounger getting some sun. I noticed these large brown spots going up my white legs. I began to panic a little bit!! Did I get like a fungus infection from the water? I touched the spots and it felt sticky! I remembered earlier I spilled a large travel mug of root beet at the concession stand all over me and a few other people. The spots were root beer that had dried on my legs! I laughed and then felt relieved!
So our little vacation was fun but not too eventful!! LOL


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