Special People

Special people make life so much better. 

My friend Lisa brought in some cupcakes for my birthday and gave me a beautiful gift. 

The gift was a Willow Tree figure for courage. 

The inscription read “Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage.”

I sat there for a moment and wanted to cry my eyes out!

Special people provide love, caring and compassion. 

They cheer you on and provide comfort.

Lisa has seen me every day working on my goals. 

The days I come back from my workouts all sweaty, red cheeks and mascara all over the place! 

She has lauded my successes, given me some great advice, been an advocate and friend!

Truly a special person!!

Love you Lisa! 

p.s. check out these yummy cupcakes





11 thoughts on “Special People

  1. Those cakes made me wish I could jump into the screen… or maybe glad I couldn’t. This is a lovely heart warming post. We don’t do what we do for recognition or reward but a little bit of encouragement is amazingly powerful. My heart warmed for you.

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