Today this word popped into my head.

stamina : great physical or mental strength that allows you to continue doing something for a long time(Merriam Webster Dictionary)

I often ask myself about my physical or mental strength.

 It has been a battle to remain focused. 

As I was exercising today I stopped a couple times for a breath of air. 

There was a little voice that kept saying get back to it.  Keep going! 

My mind wanders back to when I began my journey. 

There was a deficit of mental toughness and a lack of physical fitness. 

I was ashamed to be with others and felt I needed to hide.

It was not something that came easy for me.  There has been months of work. Lots of pep talks.  Tears have flowed freely.

I have hit bottom a few times.

If I was going to offer advice to others I would say work to build your stamina. 

Take each moment and find the power within yourself. 

When you say you can’t continue to take another step. No matter how small. 

Treat yourself with kindness, consider sweat a reward and always come back for more!!

Positive Mind, Great Outlook, Vigor For Life, Toughness and Endurance! Stamina….








5 thoughts on “Stamina

  1. Great post, thanks! As I read, I was thinking how much blogging has helped push me through (so far I haven’t given up). I feel certain that without blogging I would not be as far as I am in this journey. I feel my mental stamina is pretty poor and when I hear of others pushing themselves and working out when they don’t feel like, it encourages me to do so also!

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