My Abs

I have a long way to go with my abs!

Out of all my muscles I find it is the weakest part of my body.  We were doing some sit ups as well as crunches.

I could hear myself groaning!  Every trip up! 

It takes lots of exercise, time and patience to develop this core of muscles. 

After all those years of neglecting these muscles I have been asking them to do some extraordinary things!  They truly have not let me down!

If you have any good exercises let me know!

I can use a lot of help!!



7 thoughts on “My Abs

  1. I do a lot of partner abs moves. I find I work so many more muscles when I have another person manipulating my muscles. For example – leg lifts with a partner (lay on your back with your partner standing above your head, grab their ankles and bring your feet toward their face, and then your partner will push your feet down toward the floor in different directions, which challenges different muscles) I also love the exercises in this article –

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