Food Frenzy

It happens every once in a while when I start eating something and can’t stop.

My sister had her 40th birthday party. 

Since my birthday is later in the month is she bought me a small little chocolate cake.

All through the party I looked at the chocolate cake. 

I thought I’d share it with my husband and son.

When I got home from the party I told myself to try a little piece. 

In a couple of minutes I had devoured more than half of the cake. 

It was something inside that just wanted to eat every little bit of it.  Almost like a feeding frenzy.  I try so hard to avoid these foods but once in a while I go crazy.

I sat looking at half of the cake feeling so guilty.  Here I go again! 

Then I took it and threw the rest of it out.  (If my sister reads this blog I want to apologize. It was delicious! I love you for thinking of me!!!)

I understand why I try to avoid things like cake and ice cream.  My self control is not so hot.

For a moment I truly enjoyed that decadent chocolate cake!

My husband asked me later is he could have some.

I told him no!!

LOL  🙂


16 thoughts on “Food Frenzy

  1. When it comes to MY bday, I just do it. I know I’m gonna, so I get what I want (smallllllllll choc or red velvet) and that’s it. Then it’s over and I’m done. I give myself permission to be bad on my bday and my hubby’s bday cuz I know I’m gonna! You have to do these things. If you give yourself permission, then you eat a piece or two and you’re done! You don’t want much, really. If you don’t give yourself permission, thennnnnnn, well, you know what can happen. I do it too. 🙂 So, give yourself permission to screw up! K? k! ❤ XOXOXO

  2. I agree it’s ok to eat your favorite things sometimes. But when you feel out of control, sometimes it feels so empowering to take control. Even though I’m sure it was hard, I’m so proud of you for throwing it out!!!! I do that sometimes too. I feel so good that I took control and not one bit guilty for throwing something out that’s not healthy. The other thing that can happen to me is using something like my birthday as an excuse to have a treat multiply times or days instead of just the one day. Then I’m just making excuses for poor eating and not really celebrating my birthday. It’s hard!

    • I am so happy other people feel like I do! For a few moments I sat there ashamed of myself but I am human!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I soooo feel where you’re coming from, Kim. I went nuts the last three days of our vacation and ate pretty much what I wanted, including frozen yogurt for dinner two nights in a row (not as a dessert, but literally as my full dinner). Once my yogurt was gone, I attacked my husband’s.
    It’s hard, really hard, especially with things like cake. I just try to remind myself how much diabetes would suck, since before all of my weight loss I was on the borderline. I’m at a safe range now, but genetics are not in my favor so I try to live as sugar free as possible.
    The good news is, you didn’t finish the cake, and you did what needed to be done to stay away from it. Happy early birthday! What day is it on?

    • It feels good that other relate do well with my issues with food! I laughed at attacking your husband’s because at times that what I do!! LOL. My birthday is June 29th, I will be 44! OMG! Where does the time go!!

      • Happy early birthday! 🙂 Time really does fly. I turned 50 this year and in no way feel like I could have been alive that long!! As far as attacking food–I can’t understand how my husband could actually leave dessert on his plate! I’ve never been able to, so I just avoid it all the way around–except for special occasions. 🙂

  4. Sometimes when we find ourselves in that little downward spiral of overindulgence it really just means that we are not giving ourselves the ability to truly enjoy things. I know it’s hard when starting a lifestyle change, it seems smarter/better/easier to just quit cold turkey the things that we enjoyed before that may not have been the best for us. However, if you find yourself being too strict, the overindulgence strikes, and strikes bad when it gets a chance. A great way to keep ourselves from this type of danger is to practice daily decadence. Give yourself something wonderful each and every day. Lifestyle changes do not require perfection. We should enjoy our journey as much as we want to enjoy our destination!

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