Chicken Poop

My fitness instructor finds ways to motivate our class. 

Often I find myself trying to do the moves and keep in line with the class. 

Today she was a little tougher on us.  I could hear her barking about doing the exercises correctly.  

She was prodding us to work harder. 

We get on the floor and she has us doing a sit up into a punch.  My abs are not the strongest.  It’s one of part of my body I need to work out a lot more.  The instructor wanted us to be strong and get ourselves up to punch with some power.

“Don’t do it like that, that’s chicken poop(she said it a little differently).” She yells.

I’m sweaty and tired. 

Ab workouts kill me. 

But it got my attention! 

I want to tell her I’m not an athlete or super fit. 

I’m chubby old me,  trying my best, getting a little bit stronger each time

I caught her glance for a moment and she smiled at me! 

Point well taken!

Every time I work out a little better and put more strength into my moves the better off I will be.

Chicken poop or not we all have to start somewhere!


2 thoughts on “Chicken Poop

  1. It’s tough sometimes to get through those workouts, especially if it’s something that you’re not thrilled about. As a coach I tell the kids that they have to finish strong. When they’re running from base to base and they feel that they have nothing left, to push harder. It’s how we finish. On a lighter note, the title to your post made me smile. We just got chickens and I haven’t cleaned the coop for a while. I thought you were going to write about cleaning poop from the coop. 🙂

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