Hanging By a Thread

One of my family members had some bad news about their job.

It’s funny but it has hit me kind of hard.  I find it hard to say the right words or offer any comfort.

In fact it brings to light my own life and situation.

You look at your life and realize you are hanging by a thread.

Trying to keep up with your bills and lifestyle. 

It takes one bump in the road to knock everything askew.

Often I find myself anxious thinking about the things I would do.

Why is life so hard on people?  It seems like you work every day but you keep getting mired in the mud.

I understand the grind but it takes its toll on people.

One thing I have decided is to live and keep those thoughts at bay.

Maybe someday if I keep working on life there will be some much needed relief!

Hanging by that thread!

Taking life one day at a time!




2 thoughts on “Hanging By a Thread

  1. Thank you for sharing so openly. One day at a time is indeed the best – if only- approach to take, from my perspective. And by doing that, each morning can dawn fresh and new, with HOPE. My prayer is you find the rock to stand on, a thread is a such a difficult thing to hang by. Thinking of you, Peggy

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