Love Between a Father & Son

There is one photo which I find is etched into my mind. 

The photo of my husband Dave holding our son for the first time. 

I can see he is about ready to cry as he looks at the camera.

At that moment Dave had already made a lifelong emotional attachment with our child.

I admire him for the father he has become and that he keeps working to be. 

He did not have this as a child.  His real father left him at a young age and his step father was emotional abusive to him and a drug user. 

I see the commitment and love.  The drive to give our son the things that he never had growing up.  Also the emotional support of a stable childhood and unconditional love.

Dave relishes the time he spends with his son.  He takes him to school every morning and picks him up. 

He’s not afraid to tell him that he loves him and gives him plenty of affection and guidance.  I also have to say he is a good disciplinarian and makes our son accountable for his actions.

Men have a harder time showing emotion than woman.  Often men show love in the things they do and share with the people in their life. 

I have so many beautiful memories of the love between Dave and our child.  Each memory is a precious gift that at times I can see as plain as the day. 

Love between a father and son is special.  It’s a bond created from the first moments.  The desire to raise a healthy and happy child as well as a decent human being.  People often underestimate the power of love.  But it is so real and true.  Intense and powerful. 

This is what I feel when I see my husband and son together.

I have to leave you with one last picture.  Dave is a big guy about 6’4″.  Often when I leave early in the morning my son will jump into bed to snuggle with my husband.  I smile when I see this. 

One morning my son was snuggled up next to his Daddy and his little arm was around him trying to hug him.  It brought tears to my eyes. 

Love between a father and son!

Happy Father’s Day to my love Dave!


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