Workout Wednesday

At my kickboxing class today I was sweating like crazy.

  It was a non stop heart pumping and gut checking workout. 

The sweat poured down my brow and onto my clothes.  A couple of times I stopped to gasp for air or to chug some water. 

I tried to clean myself up afterwards but I was in a dead run to get back to work on time. 

It had been raining all day but I was lucky when I went for my workout because the rain had subsided.

As I walked into the building several people notices my damp hair and wet face.

“Did you get caught out in the rain?” One coworker asked me.

“No, it’s from my workout!” I explained.

A couple of people shook their heads.

 It was almost a badge of honor for me. 

I worked for that sweat and those red cheeks.

I settled in at my desk and one of the ladies came out.

“Are you cooled down yet!”

I smiled and nodded!

A great workout Wednesday!


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