Change Up

You have to keep challenging yourself to continue losing weight and get healthy.

When I asked my fitness instructor about taking a new class she asked me if I thought I could do it. 

My response was not too enthusiastic. 

It’s like I’m afraid that I will not be able to keep up or that people will make fun of me.

I have to comprehend the things I see as weaknesses are positives to the fitness instructor or other people in the class. 

I’m not afraid for a moment to stop for air.

In some cases I modify the exercise to suit my needs. 

I am an overweight person working as hard as I can to change my life.

I opened up to my instructor. We talked about goals. 

I need new challenges to help make sure I continue to lose as well as meet my fitness goals. 

She supported me and let me know the things she appreciated about me.

Now my workouts are a little more challenging with the 321 shred, kickboxing class and a step class.

The most important concepts are to accept yourself, realize your self worth, recognize your human, stop being afraid and realize that you bring something different to the table!

A change up!  It’s what I need!





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