A Little Oversensitive

As an overweight person I’ve always found myself to be oversensitive. 

It seems like I would always take offense if I thought someone was putting me down or making fun of me. 

It’s so hard to change your way of thinking!  I want so badly to banish these thoughts but it seems almost impossible. 

Why can’t I let go of those memories and just live? 

Forget about the past.

Make my future what I need to focus on. 

I’ve been up and down lately because last week I felt a person was putting me down.  My main goal was not to focus on the negativity but it I keep thinking about it. My anger seems to find a way to affect the way I feel about myself. 

I hope you don’t mind my venting but I get frustrated. 

There are so many things to love in life and I am hung up on some person decided to put me down. 

So I have been telling myself to shake it off and look at more positive people. 

I hate being oversensitive but it is a part of my psyche. 

The best thing is that I have not cried about the incident. 

Instead I am trying to work on my feelings.

Use it to drive me towards success. 

Thanks for listening!

🙂 Kim


11 thoughts on “A Little Oversensitive

  1. Vent away sweetie! 🙂 I try to be optimistic and positive about pretty much everything but I do wear my heart on my shirtsleeve when it comes to personal stuff. 🙂 All we can do is keep trying! XOXO ❤

  2. If you figure out how to totally disregard people who put you down please do share your secret. My husband never cares, but I figure it is simply that he is a guy.

  3. I’m always a bit over-sensitive too – it is frustrating, but the up-side is it tends to make us far more considerate of others, which is maybe no bad thing… ❤

  4. You sound a lot like me with my struggles over my thoughts. I let those negative ones run my life sometimes and I agree with you, I want to focus on the positive! Great progress not to cry and you can share anytime, we’re all here for you. Separate the real you from that person’s thoughts. You can control you, but definitely can’t control that person’s thoughts. And that’s all they are, just thoughts.

  5. I think that for most of us the conspiracy to damage our self-esteem begins only shortly after we are born. Some of us remain vulnerable for the rest of our lives. I know that I do, that I’m hyper sensitive to negative criticism and comment, that the most trivial events stick in my memory. I’ve made significant progress through an anti-depressant medication, but the battle still goes on. ‘Good’ bless you, bonnie lady.

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