I Forget Sometimes

I did some retail therapy over the weekend.  My main mission was to find some shorts.  In one store I immediately went to the plus section which is located upstairs in a corner.  Almost kind of hidden! There were no size 14’s anywhere that I could find. 

Then a little voice told me I could go to misses and find something that would fit. 

So I went downstairs where the misses clothes were in the middle of the store and found what I needed. 

A part of me will always head to the plus section because I will not forget where I once was in size. 

Sometimes I look at the rack of plus size clothes and hear myself say you wore this size and it was kind of tight. 

It encourages me to keep going!



8 thoughts on “I Forget Sometimes

  1. It makes you feel so wonderful when you go to try to find something in the size you THINK you wear to find that you were mistaken….it’s too big! Keep it up Kim, you’re doing grrrrrrrrrreat! ❤ xoxo

  2. It’s hard for me not to head to the plus section, too! I often still pick out things that are too large because my head hasn’t adjusted to the size of the new me. You’re still adjusting to that cute little new you!!:)

  3. Congratulations on wearing Misses instead of Plus size. It is demoralizing how the Plus sizes are hidden away…guess I should view it as motivation but…

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