A Matter of Perception

I was in my Cardio Kick boxing class and I was trying to keep up with the rest of the class.

I lamented to myself I should be more physically fit. 

I still feel like I am behind everyone else in the class.

For a moment I looked at the people in the class that were a lot more fit and skinnier than me.

Maybe it’s just a matter of perception. 

Because I saw them sweating and working hard like me. 

Why do I get down on myself? 

As I go along I realize I must do my best to participate in these activities. 

If I let my feelings get me down I might as well go sit back on the couch and start packing the pounds back on.

So when I start feeling negative I have to build myself up and keep moving towards my goals.

So what is I’m not pretty at doing it!

At least I’m there!



14 thoughts on “A Matter of Perception

  1. I am often the least trim person in an exercise class but…I just do not get my exercise in unless I go to a class. And even fit people who are new to a type of class feel awkward. That helps my ego a little.

  2. Kim, you should see me in an aerobics class. I still haven’t learned my left from right, and I have the amazing capability of tripping on air! I just keep moving and laugh at myself when I get off track. My instructor is awesome about making me feel normal about my clumsiness. You’re doing great and you’re very brave to do something like that! I still don’t have the stamina or cojones to try kick boxing!

  3. I do the same thing- comparing myself to the others. And I always let it discourage me. Something I have to work on. I try to focus on me. Am I working hard, giving it my all? Am I improving? How do I compare to myself 6 months ago?

  4. I feel awkward even when I’m alone! lol I think it’s awesome that you go to class and get your exercise in! It never matters what anyone else thinks! You’re there and you’re taking care of you! 😀

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