Day of Reflection, Love, Faith, Appreciation & Remembrance

History has been one of my many loves in life. 

As a child I would read books and encyclopedias in regards to our history in the world. 

Often times in class I would be transported to a different world listening to the stories of the American troops and battles. 

I do not condone war but I shall not forget the importance of freedom.  The cost of the freedom comes of the sacrifice of men and women.  These men and women take an oath to protect and serve our country and defend the constitution.

For over 200 years our military preserves the freedom we hold so dear. I listen to the stories and realize the great history and pride in our military.

The Revolutionary War and  the skirmishes with the British. 

The heartbreak and the mass casualties of the Civil War.

America’s foray into world wars with World War I on the battlefields of Europe. 

The struggles and triumphs of World War II on the shores of Normandy where young men rushed the beach or Pearl Harbor which we remember as a day of infamy. 

The Korean and Vietnam Wars which brought about public strife. 

As well as the triumph in Desert Storm campaign.

The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan to topple Suddam and the terrorists.

The one thing I remember are the sacrifices made by the men and women in our armed forces.  Their love and valiant efforts to protect my family and my way of life.  Thank you does not seem enough. I cry when I hear the injuries and the untimely deaths.  I pray for their safety and rejoice in their homecomings.

On memorial day I reflect these extraordinary people. I appreciate those that have fallen as well as those that are standing guard ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

For me Memorial day is a day of reflection, love, faith, appreciation and remembrance.



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