A Slight Headache

It was funny today was going to be a nice and relaxing day. We were going to have family day and run a couple of errands.

 The weather is overcast and rainy and somehow I have ended up with a slight headache.

We were in the car today after some shopping and decided to stop for lunch.  My son was protesting loudly as he just wanted to go home. 

My husband insisted a seven year old can not tell us what to do. 

So we went for lunch and the next thirty minutes he whined about everything. 

By the time we made it home I crawled into the house and shook my head.

A few moments later the headache began.

I have a big glass of water and a spot on the couch.

It’s raining and thundering outside. Dismal.

Oh well!

A slight headache but my son seems happy. 

He grabbed his sword and is fighting against some evil villains. 

I’m smiling but my head still hearts!!


2 thoughts on “A Slight Headache

  1. I’ve had a bit of a headache today and a friend came over for dinner and he also had a headache and my kids both complained of one too. I’m thinking it may be atmospheric. We just had some really hot sunny days and then a bit of rain but nothing like the storm we were expecting which would have cleared the air. Instead we’re left with a heavy muggy atmosphere which I think is affecting everyone.

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