Proud Mom

This year my son has worked so hard in school. 

It has been a challenge as my son requires some additional services like speech, occupational and physical therapy to help him flourish personally and academically.  I see these services as beneficial and it has helped him to prosper in and outside of class. 

Also this year my husband and I discussed using medication to help him with an attention deficit disorder which was disrupting his attentiveness and concentration in class. Instead of medication our thoughts were to provide positive reinforcement and to see if things would get better for him.

I was touched when I heard every one of his teachers explain what a joy he is to have in class and that he always puts forth his best effort. He has grown by leaps and bounds.  The teacher remarked his attention span has gotten a great deal better.  He is able to deal with issues in regards to his peers as well as his schoolwork.

I soaked it all in and felt so proud to be his mother!

My child is growing up and making his own path in life.  


6 thoughts on “Proud Mom

  1. That’s amazing! Congrats 🙂

    Another thing you can look into to possibly help his ADD is changing his diet if you haven’t already.

  2. Awesome, well done you for trying something other than drugs, while I have no doubt they work for some, drugs that do good do harm somewhere else in the body and if you can avoid them for as long as possible do so.

    You must be so proud of him and remember to save a little of that pride for yourself and your husband 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you opted to NOT give him any medication! That stuff is dangerous! 😦 One of the nutrition/natural health courses I did a few years ago had a section about this too. A healthy diet of fresh fruits and veggies with little to no processed foods can make a huge difference. I know you and your hubby are working on a healthy diet, so him seeing you two eating healthy will teach him to eat healthy too. 🙂

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