Getting Embarrased by the Teacher

There times I take a trip down memory lane and it makes me shake my head! 

Memories can sometimes be my best friends or worse enemies. 

On this journey I have chosen to take the hurtful memories and put them in perspective.  If I had not experienced these awful times I would not be the person I am or have the insight to share with others.

In sixth grade we were learning about weights and measures.  My teacher had the wonderful idea of everyone weighing themselves in pounds and then the class converting it to kilograms.

I could feel myself starting to sweat and I wanted to walk out.  It was bad enough every day was filled with fat jokes and references to me as a whale.  My thoughts circled around how the kids would make my life a living nightmare.

So the teacher called my name.

“I’m not doing it I said.”

She walked over to me and tried to cajole me to get weighed.  After stoutly refusing she grabbed my hand and tried to get me out of her chair.  I stood my ground and would not let her weigh me.

The class kept looking at her and then me.  Finally she relented and left me alone.

Later the teacher yelled out to the class for me to write down the things I ate every day and that she wanted to look at it.

I felt horrified.  Part of me wanted to refuse but after the other incident I did not want to risk a visit to the principal.  So I wrote the list and had to hear her lecture me in front of the entire class how some things I was eating were not healthy and that I needed more exercise.

The next couple months were a nightmare.  If I was eating the boys in my class would ask me if it was healthy or if I really needed the food.  In gym there would be jabs about me needing to exercise.

It’s funny how I absolutely hate to get weighed and in some instances I feel almost in a panic.

I think it relates back to this time in my life and how humiliated I felt about my weight.

I survived and learned from the experience! 

It still smarts a little!


9 thoughts on “Getting Embarrased by the Teacher

  1. What a horrible experience. Sounds like a control-freak teacher. Because you refused to weigh in (and rightly so!) she decides to punish you. Just a nasty person.

  2. I remember similar incidents well and thought they were a thing of the past until last week when my son asked if he could skip school for a day. It’s not like him to want to miss school so I asked why and he said “well Miss ???? has decided that the best way to teach us about body image in personal health and social class is to make us all get weighed and then talk about BMI and basically pick on each other and be horrible because that’s all it will achieve.” I asked why he was bothered and he said “well because I’m quite fit I’m heavier than I should be so I come out as being overweight on BMI charts and besides that my best friend is suffering with annorexia and when they start picking on her I don’t think I could get through the lesson without a detention at least.”

    I rang the school and asked if weighing children in front of the class was not a thing of the past and if it was advisable when there were children with eating disorders in the class…those things are not about health and choice they are about mental illness and unless the teacher is qualified to deal with the issues she is going to raise she had better steer clear.

    He went to school and the class was about tattooing and piercing and not about weight.

  3. That’s horrible! I’m so sorry that this happened to you. 😦 People without compassion shouldn’t be teaching. Something similar happened to my daughter’s best friend in elementary school. She actually ran from the classroom and off school grounds. Those are incidents that stick with you. Try to let go of it, that teacher must have been a nasty, unhappy person. ❤ HUGS!

  4. We have this in common! I experienced something very similar in a HS biology class, which at the time I almost dropped out over. I know had this not happened I would not be who I am, but sometimes the pain still remains.

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