A Part of My Day

You can change your life! 

It just takes an open mind and a willingness do things out of your comfort zone.

Today it was raining like crazy and I had my exercise class. 

If I went out in the elements I would come back to work wet and miserable. 

This did not deter me at all. 

So with a friend we both made it to class.  I had sandals on and I was trying to dodge sheets of rain that were falling on us.   There were a couple of times fro the car to the gym I almost wiped out due to the wet sandals.  

An umbrella was not going to stop this rain.

The best part was that we were laughing hysterically.

We did an awesome workout!

Often I reflect upon my old habits and how I would have tried to avoid exercise.  The rain would have been the best excuse.

I did come back wet and dripping all over the place.  My clothes were drenched! 

Suddenly the air conditioner turned on and I was freezing!

I couldn’t help being happy. 

It makes a difference when you realize something helps you live a better life. 

You stop fighting these feelings to exercise and begin to enjoy making yourself sweat or challenging your body. 

I have changed! 

Exercise was never a part of my daily routine.

Now it’s important for me to do! 

An integral part of my day!


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