Work In Progress

I have to be honest my quest to get healthy is a work in progress. 

It seems as though every day I have a talk with myself and point out things I can do better.  Instead of getting discouraged all the time like in the past my mind starts to look at different ways I can get to my goals.

It’s important when you are changing that you find ways to make it real and relevant. 

I understand I have done well but there’s also the premise that it will get harder as you go along!  I totally believe in this concept because I have been there before in my life. 

In my life there have been great weight loss successes but also periods where I packed the pounds right back on. 

My thoughts are to think of it as a work in progress.  When we allow ourselves this type of insight it makes it easier to see things which need to be modified or changes.  I think it also makes you more accountable for your health.

So here is my list of things I can do better:

  1. Stop cheating so much.  I sneak a couple of bites all the time.  I try to clear the table faster or pack the food away before I have a chance to pick at it!
  2. Water intake is essential!  I have been bringing water with me wherever I go!  I keep seeing the number 64 and I tally the amount of water I have had for the day! 
  3. Eating less salt!  It’s seems like once in awhile I will go crazy with a salty snack!  Fresh is best and to try and stay away from canned goods.  I look at labels on food to see the salt content!
  4. Practice damage control with my mood swings.  I have a bad day and the first thing I do is open the refrigerator.  It’s been a habit my entire life.  It’s funny but I try and talk myself out of it.  I hear the words “Are you really hungry or is it because you are in a bad mood!”
  5. Relaxation techniques.  In taking the time to relax it gives you a better frame of mind and decision making abilities.  In fact one of the biggest things is that I need to take my time to relax so I can pay better attention to my needs.
  6. Adding more aerobic exercise.  Like Emeril says I need to kick it up a notch!  This may mean taking different exercise classes or bigger challenges.
  7. Toning exercises.  This is something I have not worked on but it will be a goal especially since summer is on its way!
  8. Accepting compliments.  I have been terrible at this! People have showered me with such praise and I choose to make an offhand remark about me. I try to downplay my success. Why? It’s hard to accept praise when you have felt so bad about yourself for so long.  It’s not something I am accustomed to. I want people to share in my success and excitement.  If I choose to be so close minded I will never be able to help anyone else.  So I will say thank you!! 




One thought on “Work In Progress

  1. Great goals and I know you can do it!! I like the Emeril touch, too!! He’s great!! When having a bad day, it’s definitely hard not to eat, but you’re strong, so CAN DO IT!!! Xoxo!!!

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