Getting Healthy

So I was reading a Woman’s Day article where Allison Sweeney from biggest loser was talking about how she worked out her problems with constantly losing and gaining weight. 

She promoted the concept that focused on if she was getting healthy not just getting skinny.

I love this concept because it has been one that I have followed on my weight loss journey.

It involves not using the scale as a the main gauge for success but instead centering it around on how your body feels. 

It’s important to shed the excess pounds.

But it’s beneficial to pay attention to your diet, build your stamina and have a better outlook on life as well as your body image.

There needs to be more credence given to how a person feels than how a person looks. 

Changes start from within.

Dependence on the number leads to more frustration and less success.

I would stress for people starting out to ask themselves how they can get healthier!

Eating better, exercise and positive attitude produce good results.

It’s great to get skinny but it should not be the only reason!

Getting healthy sustains weight loss efforts.

Helps provide a framework to continue losing and maintaining a desired weight.

I continue to work on getting healthy in my life!


4 thoughts on “Getting Healthy

  1. This is excellent advice. I also try to focus on how I’m feeling in terms of health. I don’t even think of weighing myself, other than on weigh-in days. Keep up your wonderful work! 🙂

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