Eating Habits

There are sometimes I get so frustrated.

When I eat I either have a great day or a really horrendous one.

If it starts out bad there seems to be a little voice saying you blew so feel free to eat whatever you want for the day!

I understand I have to shake it off but it’s hard when there something with chocolate in it or ice cream.

But I am undaunted by the challenge.

It seems like I am always trying to strategize my daily plans to ensure success.

I laughed what I ate on mother’s day.

There was an egg sandwich with bacon for breakfast, an ice cream cone for lunch and then some chili for dinner.  We had been on the go so I really did not plan or pack anything healthy.

 It was better for me today as I made sure to include fruits and vegetables.  Also I made sure to drink lots of water. 

Every day presents a different challenge.

The best thing for me to do is make sure I have a healthy diet with lots of water.

I think I get better at it but it’s still a struggle!




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