Tales of a Three Year Old

It’s Mothers Day Weekend and I am thinking of the things I did to my poor mother!

She deserves a medal for being my mom especially after all the things I did when I was younger.

I was an ill tempered little brat when I was little. I would throw tantrums anywhere and I had a habit of biting my mom.  Also I was very adventurous and was not afraid of anything! 

One thing I did at the age of three was pretty dangerous and I am glad I did not get killed.

I managed to get out of the house and go next door to see my sister and friend.  I had wanted to go to my Aunt’s to see my cousin but my dad had forgotten to take me in the morning.  So I was pretty mad!  I asked my sister about my dad.  She mentioned he went there in the morning and was saying something about going later. 

I decided I would go now by myself.

My Aunt’s house was around the corner but I had to cross a street with a lot of cars.  I walked to my Aunt’s and made sure I checked the street for cars.  I was pretty happy when I made it there and I couldn’t wait to see my favorite cousin!

When I arrived the first word out of my Aunt’s mouth was asking about my mom. 

I realized at that moment I was in a load of trouble. 

My first thought was to make a run for it. It was a madhouse of people trying to stop this determined three year old from escaping!

I must have had about five or six people chasing me all over the place.  Under the furniture and around the trees in the yard!

Finally I was pinned down, unable to move and screaming my head off.

My mom got over there in a matter of seconds.  I walked up to her with tears in my eyes.

Whap! She gave me a good one on the bottom. Then mom grabbed me and began to cry.

I laugh about this now but I can’t imagine how terrified she must have been when my Aunt called her.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

I know some of your grey hairs are from me!!


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