Love Me if I’m Poor

It seems after you pay all the bills there is not a lot of money left.

My husband had planned a great weekend for us but of course after all the bills get paid, the cars get filled with gas and of we make sure our son has lunch money in his account the chances of having extra spending cash is very doubtful.

So one night he texts me “Will you still love me if I’m poor?”

I immediately text him back and say of course. 

In fact I love him even more for being so brave and caring about me so much!

All my life it seems the bills get paid but there’s not enough for fancy dinners or exquisite jewelry.

But I have to say it really does not matter!

A happy family and a warm stable home mean more to me.

Last night he took the night off from work.  He brought me over a glass of wine and gave me a sweet kiss!

A perfect evening!

Money makes things easier but it does not mean you will be happy!

Yes dear I love you more than anything even if you are poor!!

Happy Saturday!


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