My Kid

My kid is a true character at times.

He brought home a card he made for me at school for Mother’s day.  Also there was something wrapped in newspaper which I assumed was for me.  After he gave me his card he started to open the package. 

It was a small blue pottery bowl. Very cute!

“Oh is that for me,” I said admiring his work.

“No,” He replied, “I made it for me in art class, see it has my initials on it.”

Then the little squirt brings it to his room and will not let me look at it.

Later I decided to try and see if he would give it to me.

“Hey, Buddy mommy likes that bowl you made,” I told him, “Can I have it?”

“No,” He retorted, “It’s mine and you just break it anyways!”

I sat there for a few moments with my mouth open!

Quite a character!


4 thoughts on “My Kid

  1. LOL! It probably was for Mother’s Day, but he was so proud of it that he wanted it for himself. Maybe he didn’t want to give it to you before the actual day? 🙂

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