A Slow Climb

I feel at times I’m going up the steepest mountain. 

 Hanging by the tips of my fingers and trying to get a foothold on the rocky slopes. 

There are times when I falter or other instances where I continue to ascend into the hills.

There’s solid ground up ahead.

This is where I yearn to be.

This metaphor represents my challenges to get to a healthy weight.

A healthy weight is where my blood pressure will drop, my body will be able to take on new physical challenges and I will be able to maintain my goal weight for the rest of my life.

So I was not disappointed when at Weight Watchers’s I lost only .4 for a total of 46 pounds. 

It was a small amount but I put it in perspective. 

My mind comprehends the importance of gradually losing the weight and keeping it off.

A slow climb!


A slow climb!


4 thoughts on “A Slow Climb

  1. Take that .4 with pride!! It’s better than gaining it! A 46 pound total is AWESOME!!! Hang on to that slope and climb, climb, climb!!! You CAN reach the top!! 🙂

  2. That’s right! 46 LBS is a HUGE deal, hell its a 3-4 year old toddler. I keep telling myself eventually I will loose a whole other person, but I can only do it one step at a time. There are days where it is hard, but you have come this far. You always inspire me to keep going when I am having a rough day and I know you can do this! ❤

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