I Know the Drill

OK so it’s Monday and I have been pretty bad this weekend.

I think I’ve eaten every bad food that I’ve told myself to stay away from such as pizza, ice cream and chocolate.

But the thing is I know the drill.  The drill is to get right back on track.  I have to start eating healthy and stop letting myself go crazy. 

It’s not easy and it never will be in my life.

Will I ever get control of my eating habits?

I think so but I will always have my issues with food. 

As I keep going on I learn more about myself. I have found that I’d love to eat.  Since I was a small child one of my favorite things was to sit down and eat until I could eat no more. 

Habits like this are very hard to change in your life.  But it’s one day at a time and it requires a lot of willpower. 

Sometimes I’m not as strong as I should be.  I’m human and I’m going to have my bad days. 

So what I tell myself is that I know the drill.  If I have a bad day I have to go back to what I know best to keep trying to stay on task.  This means watching what I eat, drink enough water eating healthier as well as filling foods and making sure I exercise.

For today I’ve gotten back on track.  And it feels good. 

I keep saying in my head that I know the drill.


8 thoughts on “I Know the Drill

  1. Good for you! I pray for the day that it doesn’t take so much thought and effort to stay on track. I often wish that I had the appetite of my stepson. He get so absorbed in what he’s doing that he has to be reminded to eat. Me? I watch the clock until the next meal–or shake!

  2. Losing weight and changing habits are hard! Good for you to get back on track today. That’s a good mantra for you, it’s pretty much true. We know what we have to do, we just have to do it! I hope tomorrow is a good day for you too!

  3. I found an app for my phone, it’s kind of like a friend helping me stay on track! It’s called Myfitnesspal for Android or Iphone. It’s free. Check it out. I still want to eat poorly, but this app really has helped me. Just started using it a week ago 🙂

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