When He Hurt My Feelings

There are moments in your life that are focal points.

A point where you come to the realization you are important and that you must stand up for yourself.

I always struggled with my self esteem. 

The first couple of years in my relationship with my husband I was so happy to be with him I gave him everything that I had physically, mentally and monetarily.  My world revolved around him and I felt I couldn’t live without him.

We were living together at the time and I was supporting the household.  I noticed he kept giving me an attitude and was acting like my feelings did not matter.  It also seemed like he did not want to be with me.

It was over a period of a couple days we argued and I kept asking him for the reasons for the attitude.

One day he finally looked at me and said, “Well you have gained quite a bit of weight,”

The room was horribly silent for a few moments.

Then I began to sob uncontrollably.  He tried to console me for a moment but I pushed him away.

The tears rolled down my face and I could not control my emotions.

Someone I had given my all to and loved unconditionally truly hurt me.

“Get out of my life right now,” I screamed, “I will walk all over you, someone else will want me.”

He apologized and tried to hold me.  I would not have anything to do with him. 

It was a mistake on his part but it still broke my heart.

It was a great lesson for me in life. 

If someone loves you it would be for the person you are and not for your looks. I began to look more at myself and stop worrying if he was going to leave me. 

My mind grasped the concept I was a wonderful human being and I deserved the best a man could give me.  

He worked very hard to regain my trust and show the love he had for me. 

I still cry when I think of that moment!

But I also feel proud of myself because I learned a lesson that has helped me through my life!




13 thoughts on “When He Hurt My Feelings

  1. I’m glad you guys recovered and that you took positives through this but I’m sad you were hurt. This is perhaps my problem in relationships I’m too defiant and unforgiving, if something hurts me like this there is no way back for me, it would ring in my ears forever.

    • I knew he loved me an he was truly sorry. I forgave him and it made me a better person! We are each so different. I think if he said it to me now I would definitely give him the boot! 🙂

      • Haha, glad he learned that lesson early. I guess you could look at it another way as him giving you encouragement. Whatever it’s good that you didn’t do what I would have.

        I sometimes wonder how different my life might have been if I’d been more tolerant and forgiving at times. I think my immediate reactions are based on a fear of being controlled, an irrational but understandable fear from my past.

        I can accept criticism and advice but if it could constitute an insult or a negative rather than constructive comment I just freeze and repel haha I sound like a bug spray.

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  3. I’m so sorry that he said those words and that you heard them. I’m proud of you for not taking it and I’m glad that he mended his ways. You’re a beautiful person, inside and out, and you deserve to have the kindness and love that you put out given right back to you in return. 🙂 ❤

  4. I think many of us women who tend towards the pudgy to plus side have had a similar experience. When I was dating my husband he suggested I drop a few pounds. He did not know how hard I has worked to weigh what I did at that time. I let him know firmly if my weight was an issue things with us were over. Thirty years later I am more than 30 pounds heavier. I am so glad we addressed the weight issue early. Sure I would love to be the same weight as I was at age 24 but …

    • I agree it was good that we addressed the weight issue early. It’s not an easy thing but they have to love you for the person you are in life. Thanks for listening! ❤

  5. Aw that’s sad. I think of my husband whose overweight and he’s not working on getting healthy. I try not to say something that will hurt him because I love him. That’s great you were able to mend from that hurt.

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