Dear Lisa

Your May challenge on your blog (Lisa Macy Coaching) gave me the incentive to walk today!

It was miserably cold 39 degrees F and rainy but it did not deter my good spirits! 

I thought about you and how I could share it with you! So I took some photos that I hope you will enjoy! 

Life is a wonderful journey that we all share.

Each step gets me where I need to be!

Happy Sunday!




A swampy area across from my house


A scary old house no one lives in that is right up on the road. I’m always afraid someone will come out and grab me!



My son’s school




The center of our small town.



After my walk the hair’s a little wet and my cheeks red from the cold!


My new journal that I write about my life adventures!














9 thoughts on “Dear Lisa

  1. You are sooooo sweet!!!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!!! I love LOve LOVE the pics of “our” walk today! What a lovely little town! I feel like I was with you! I hope your day is fannnntabulous! XOXOXOX ❤ 😀

  2. Love the pics, Kim! I think keeping a journal is also an awesome thing to do. Can you imagine someday in the distant future, someone reading your thoughts? I think its great.

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