Things You Should Not Say to a 7 Year Old

My son had his best buddy over for a sleep over!

I have to say this kid is a real corker!

After Happy Meals I decided to take them for an ice cream. He asked me what he could have. 

I told him anything he wanted!

Big Mistake!

He goes up to the counter and orders a banana split 3 scoops chocolate ice cream, marshmallow sauce, whip cream and chocolate sprinkles! Yuck!

The last time we went out he got car sick so I am trying to convince him he does not need all that ice cream.

“It’s okay I eat more ice cream at home!” He tells me.

I did say he could have whatever he wanted!

The next thing I know after ice cream is the boys are tearing it up around the place and on the playground. 

I finally convince them we need to get some snacks.  We drive to the store which takes a couple of minutes and I am praying he does not get sick!

While in the store the boys grab some foam rubber swords and have an epic battle.  Let’s just say the lady at the counter was not too pleased.

It about 11pm when the boys conk out!

This morning I am making them pancakes.  He is sitting at the table and eating.

“Hey Brian’s mom.” He says, “You know I almost threw up in your car last night after all that ice cream!”

I just stood there shaking my head.

I will not tell a 7 year old is that they can have whatever they want again!



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