Blogging is Part of My Life

hearsmartmomma had a blog about why she loved to blog.

I truly enjoyed the post and it started me thinking why I love to sit at my computer and blog.

It has become a part of my being! I feel it necessary to write about my day or feelings. 

The posts center around my weight loss goals but also give insight on my life.  

 You can see the best things about my life as well as my struggles.

Also I want to read other people’s writings to be inspired or to laugh and in some instances to cry. 

It’s important to reach out your hand and feel the touch of another person.

Blogging started as something fun but now it is a part of my life.  

I’m happy doing it everyday!  


7 thoughts on “Blogging is Part of My Life

      • ❤ Way to go! I didn't get my walk in today, but I totally made up for it in walking back and forth to visit my honey bunny in the shop, and cleaning what I could clean in the motorhome. 🙂

  1. I think for those of us trying to get into a new routine or new way of doing things blogging is a big part of that new routine and it’s a way of checking in on ourselves and patting ourselves on the back, inspiring ourselves to get up and move on after a stumble and it also gives us some accountability to others, so works on one of the premises that slimming clubs work.

    But more than that, humans have always felt a need to leave a record, it’s almost like we’re pre-programmed to make sure we leave something of ourselves behind, as a trail or as an account for others to learn from… even if all we could manage was a pile of rocks, a carving in a hillside, a painting on a cave wall, some notches in stone tablets, ink on parchment, pencil on paper, print in books or characters on a screen… we’re doing what thousands of people before us have felt compelled to do, we’re telling our story in case it matters to anyone, helps someone, directs someone lost or inspires someone who can’t get started.

    It’s awesome.

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