Throwback Thursday

Is there a time in your life you would like to go back to?

Just because you did so many things that were pretty stupid!

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday I decided to pick one period of life where I could go back to change my life. 

My college years!  Because I was so stupid, young and naïve.

 I didn’t understand the importance of making the right decisions. 

I truly made some poor decisions and failed to reach my potential.

It was a period of my life where I lost weight all the wrong way.

I made bad decisions in men.

Sometimes I was not the nicest person especially to my family.

But you come to terms with things and realize it is a part of growing up.

It hurts a little when memories come flooding in.

You can’t change it!

Instead you learn and it helps you grow!

Happy Thursday!

Friday is in sight!!



7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. I wish I could go back to the night my now ex boyfriend walked to my house in a complete white out blizzard to bring me my favorite thing from Dairy Queen to apologize for what he did (when he didn’t do anything, it was all my fault). I opened my front door and there he was, pretty much frozen, tears running down his face with his sterling blue eyes that were bloodshot….asking why I was leaving and what he did wrong…I shut my front door on him… i was a horrible person….

      • Thanks! That’s so very true. I’m still so hung up on the past, it makes me fearful of hurting my significant other whom I don’t want to lose.

  2. very nice blog post…..i wish i could change things (and go back) but if i did, i would not have met my hub or have my son and all that follows…….i regret much but at the time i did those things, i wanted to do it so oh well now…….LOL……i have accepted i cannot change the past but will change today/tomorrow etc….the best i can.. enjoy this blog alot.

  3. Lots of points I’d like to go back to. Top of the list, though, would be April 1, 1991, when I allowed my wife to persuade me to go home with her because she ‘couldn’t cope’ alone with our new baby. Those were the last hours of my daughter’s consciousness and I would give anything to go back and be there to say goodbye as she settled into her last sleep.

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