Fat Pants

I was doing the laundry and I was folding a pair of my fat pants. 

Ones that really don’t fit me and fall off my posterior! All the time!

I have to ask myself the reasons I refuse to let go of this pair of pants.

What is the attachment this pair of pants has to me?

1) A constant reminder of how many pounds I have lost

2) An easier way to fit into something if I gain weight.

I choose my first answer!

It exciting to put something on and not have it fit for the right reasons.

So many times I have been unable to fit into something because it was too small. 

Instead now its too big.

The fat pants will stay in my closet. 

Something to link me to the past and push me towards a better future!

I’ll keep losing so I will have to designate another pair to this lofty position!!

Have a great night!

🙂 Kim


7 thoughts on “Fat Pants

  1. I love this, I do not have any “fat pants” yet, but I look forward to putting them in the box to replace my “skinny pants” once I get there!

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