A Penny Not From Heaven

Last night my 7 year old was off the hook!

He was running around creating havoc and mayhem!

We had a cake for my sister and he ran over and blew out the candles before she had a chance to do it.

After this fiasco I decided to leave early and get him home to relax.

So when we got home I was trying to unwind when he came running in.

“I swallowed a penny!,” He yelled.

Of course I panicked, called my doctor’s office. 

Luckily the penny should pass through his system.

He was going to bed and he was asking me some questions.

“Mommy how are we going to get this out of me.”

I explained he would have to poop it out.

“Oh,” he said, “Then can I have the penny back.”

I explained that he may not want it after it’s journey.

“That’s ok,” He reasoned, “I will ask Daddy to get it for me.”

Great idea!


Hopefully he has learned his lesson!


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