Getting Older

Do you sometimes wish you were twenty years younger? Or do you realize you are at one of the best points of your life?

Last night my husband and I went to a banquet and had dinner.  My son slept over his grandparents so it was sort of a date night.

Afterwards we stopped for a few moments at a bar and he had a couple of drinks. 

 I looked around and saw a group of young and older people drinking way too much and acting pretty stupid. 

I looked at my husband and we both decided to go home.

It’s a great point in your life when you realize the best thing is being with each other and being comfortable. 

There is nothing better than being yourself and going to a place where you belong.

I feel sad for people that are at a bar drinking and trying to forget their troubles.

Getting older has taught me to accept myself and to be happy for the things I have in life.



9 thoughts on “Getting Older

  1. I think it’s great if we can be happy being the age we are. Sometime, watching my daughter I yearn to be her age again, at the cusp of her independent life and with everything ahead of her. But then I quite like being my age, it certainly helps in my job and I have to remind myself that I had heaps of fun when I was younger, I did some awesome things that people only dream of and I feel privileged to have had those experiences to make me who I am now.

  2. Yaaay to being happy with who you are and loving your life!!! I’m glad you love your life!! That’s so nice to hear!!! I love mine, too!! It feels good, doesn’t it?! 😉

  3. The age doesn’t bother me at all, but the gravity does. haha We would rather have a drink or two at home instead of going to a bar. It’s nice to get to that age where you would rather just be at home together. 🙂

  4. There’s so many advantages/disadvantages to any age it seems. I do often have a hard time accepting that I’m getting old. I realize I didn’t appreciate what I had when I was young like a healthy weight, youthful skin with no wrinkles, energy. I can get the healthy weight and energy back with a lot of hard work, but sadly the wrinkles and gray hair are here to stay. But I love the peace and wisdom that comes with age. And the ability to appreciate things more.

  5. I just turned 50 a couple of weeks ago, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I love to go out and I love to dance, but I’m not much of a drinker. Going out for me is more in the company that I’m with than in getting my drink on! Plus, after about a half drink, I’m sleepy and that’s no fun!

      • Me neither! There’s an 80s dance this weekend for the Apple Blossom Festival that’s near our area. I’m trying to get everyone in the family on board for it! My younger daughter’s fiancé doesn’t like to dance and she really wants him to go. She’ll win in the end! 🙂

  6. I agree, it’s the company that you’re with than the event. When I was younger, I would love to go to bars, but now just the loudness of it turns me off. I’d prefer poolside/fireside get togethers with good friends over drinking with strangers.

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