Barbeque Time

Yesterday my husband Dave purchased a brand new shiny grill!

Sadly our old grill was set out to rest at the bottom of our driveway!

Surprisingly someone stopped by and took it away for us! I don’t think they know the old grill is toast! Oh well!

This morning I heard Dave looking around the freezer.  I see there was some chicken defrosting so I’m sure it will be barbequed chicken for dinner with some vegetables on the grill.

There is nothing better than grilling at home!  The smell and the smoke!

Dave is the grillmaster at our house. 

Usually when I attempt to grill I start a five alarm fire!

I laugh. One time we had friends over for steaks and I was grilling.  I turned for a moment and there was a flash of fire.  After that Dave took over the duties for me and has not looked back.

In fact he relishes the job and tries to find new recipes on the grill.  He even asked me about getting some liquid smoke!

I shook my head!

Who needs liquid smoke when you have the real thing!! LOL

So I think everyone should fire up the grill because it’s barbeque time!


6 thoughts on “Barbeque Time

  1. Miss grilling… moved into a condo and too many rules about having one so hubby says it isn’t worth it. Nothing like grilled veggies! Enjoy.

  2. This sounds silly, but roasting fingerling potatoes on a grill are the bomb! They’re like tiny baked potatoes with a crispy skin. They don’t take nearly as long as their full sized brethren. You should try them. I use them when I give myself a cheat day on carbs. But a few of them won’t hurt.

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