A Better Place

A couple weeks ago I felt terrible. 

It’s funny because I worked out of that funk and got myself to a better place. 

We can all do it!  Happy Saturday!

Think positive Kick those negative thoughts out of your mind!
Write it out Pen and paper is all it takes to look at the things that are preventing you from being happy!
Talk to Family & Friends Pick up the phone and hear a friendly voice on the line. Texting does not count!
Emote If all else fails a good cry helps.  Also a couple good belly laughs will do the job.
Change Scenery It amazing how reorganizing in your life will make you focus on the things you can do right.
Take Care of Yourself If you haven’t been eating right or getting enough sleep it’s time to get serious.  Get those footie pajamas on with your favorite blanket and take a nap
Quiet Time Sometimes doing nothing helps calm the mind
Cut Out the Distractions Put the cell phone away and turn off the TV.  Take care of your life!
Stop Worrying Worry sometimes overtakes your life!  Put it to the side. Just think of the song Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  
Remember Remember life can be overwhelming. You’ve got this and good times are in sight! Life is too good to be miserable!

4 thoughts on “A Better Place

  1. Great points! Sometimes it’s hard to break free from a down mood. We forget there are options and it takes effort we might not feel we have. But there’s always a way to break free.

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