One Little Thought

One little thought for tonight! 

I want to remind everyone having a hard time losing weight to keep at it!! 

I feel like I have fallen so many times I have plenty of bruises and scrapes on my knees. 

But the best thing about this time it’s different for me!

An inner voice reminds me to keep getting up!

My message is simple!



6 thoughts on “One Little Thought

  1. Me too! I’m so disappointed in me right now that it’s not even funny. I can’t exercise or do much of anything else for that matter, and eating properly flew out the window….my tummy is still swollen, my legs and feet are swollen (overdoing during the day I’m sure), so I keep telling myself that it’s never to late to start over, but for some reason I’m not listening very well right now. 😦 But I’m still trying! 😉

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