We Call All Rise

I love the meaning of holidays. 

It gives us perspective on our lives and helps guide us through the next chapter in our life. 

The last few weeks I have felt lost. 

Tears have flowed freely. My will has been weak.  We all work through times like this in our lives. 

It important we take the challenge and rise to the next step in our lives. 

As I wallowed in my self pity I rallied behind the beautiful weather and all life has to offer.

My son cuddled up next to his grandfather and he extended his arms to hold him in a hug. 

 As I spent time with my mother I laid my head to rest against her.

The best part was my husband.  I was sitting alone on the couch when he came over.

“Move over,” He ordered.

I begrudgingly moved a little and he crammed in next to me.  He smiled at me for a few moments and put his arm around me.  I held his hand and he turned to kiss me. 

A sweet and loving embrace! 

All the time smiling at me. 

I miss that smile! 

No words were said but the love and affection was loud and clear.

We all have hard times in our life. 

The world has beaten us down.

Left us waiting for something to help pick up the pieces. 

I felt invigorated!


My thoughts for today!

We can all rise!

Focus on the positive.

Downplay the negative. 


Faith Heals

Love abounds

Happiness exists in you


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