Easter Sunday

I am truly a sentimental person.

When a holiday comes around it invokes memories of a different time in my life.

I love everything about Easter!  My memories as a child are so vivid!

The Easter baskets wrapped in crinkly cellophane hidden for us to find filled with chocolate goodies. 

Enjoying the spring weather and an opportunity to be outside. 

The sounds of the birds chirping.

As a child I remember the beautiful dresses and the floppy hats I would have to wear with my two sisters. My favorite dress was a light coral with dots all over it! 

It seemed like my baby brother would be dressed in a cute little outfit that he was not too happy about!

There was also time to talk about God and Jesus.  Easter was not like Christmas.  It was the rebirth and renewal of life.

It was a special day for our family.  We usually would go out together to the zoo and come home for a late lunch early dinner.  My mother would prepare a ham. 

By the time we got home my dad would turn on the television to catch the end of the Met’s game. 

We all usually ended up snuggling on the couch.  I would be cuddled next to my sisters or my mother eating the ears off a chocolate bunny!

Times change.  I still yearn to have these days back! 

I make my own memories with my son! 

But I will be going to my mom and dad’s for Easter. 

There will be a ham, lots of chocolate, a Met’s game and some snuggle time!

New memories!

Happy Easter!!


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