All My Life

All my life

I have wanted to be skinny!

There I said it!

I wanted to be admired for my figure!

For people to look at me and be envious!

Instead I have walked in this overweight frame

Afraid of life itself

Hiding behind shadows!

Looking for excuses

I could not change

All my life

I have been wrong

It’s not about being skinny

It’s about being healthy

Being happy!

Looks are so superficial!

I need to promote the tangible things in my life

Work on my bouts of poor self esteem & self worth

I still yearn to look in the mirror

And see a skinny girl

But I need to leave it behind

Love myself

Understand the importance of honesty

Push aside society’s expectations!

All my life

I just needed to be me!!



5 thoughts on “All My Life

  1. Lisa is right! You know what’s ironic? I’ve spent years trying to be like other guys that I knew. One day, at a block party, one of those guys told me that he always wanted to be like me. The grass is ALWAYS greener, right? Believe in you, and BE YOU.

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