Dear Friend

Dear Friend,
I cried for you this morning. I read your words of heartache and sorrow. Every word touched me and I could feel your pain. You asked for a sign things would get better.  The sign you are looking for may be subtle.  It may be from a laugh you have or a little meow from a kitten.  You may walk outside to feel the sunshine on your face or feel the wind at your back. I’m not sure but I have existed in the darkness you have described.  I could have cared less if I lived or died.  My focus was to fight from within and find the good in life. 

I understand the tears I have shed were not in vain!  For it was the love and affection of others that provided strength and the realization life is filled with wonderful bounties.  Please don’t feel alone!  So many people struggle like we do! 

Your journey is your own. Take the steps you need to feel better and live life again! I will be here listening.

A Friend Always,

Kim ❤






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