The Best Things About Being Married to Him

My husband’s at work and I really miss him. 

By the time he gets home later tonight I’ll be snoring real loud with my hair all over the place!!

Not a pretty sight!!

So I was thinking about some of the best things about being married to him!!

Here I go!

  1. Awesome snuggle partner – the hugs, the kisses and of course the spooning!  Snuggling is his favorite pastime!
  2. Foot and hand warmer. Someone to put my cold hands and feet on!! He jumps about two feet in bed. I laugh so hard!
  3. Picker upper! He picks me up when I fall!  Literally and figuratively.  I wiped out in the kitchen Wednesday and he came over and put his arms me to help me up! What a gentleman!
  4. Biggest fan!  I’ll talk to people and they seem to know me. He tells them all about me!
  5. Admirer.  He kissed me tonight and just looked into my eyes.  I told him he loved me and he gave me that look! I know he does!
  6. Hand holder, I’m not sure but when we lock hands I feel so much stronger, one becomes two!
  7. Extracurricular activities. I think I’ll let you guys figure that one out!!
  8. Spirit. He is kind and compassionate.
  9. Negotiator. Keeps me grounded and helps keep me calm.
  10. Supportive. Dries my tears and tells me I’ll be okay!
  11. Dedicated. Rushes to my side at a moment’s notice!
  12. Thoughtful. Remembers the things I like. For example flowers for my birthday or some chocolate! 
  13. Stubborn.  Tells me he’s not leaving!  It’s gets me mad but I admire his spunk!
  14. Honesty, he tells me the truth.
  15. Acceptance. Loves me for who I am!



7 thoughts on “The Best Things About Being Married to Him

  1. I know how you feel too. When my hubby is on a job it’s 6-7 days a week, 12-14 hour days, so I get him to myself only for a couple hours each day. When he is off, we have “date” day. Breakfast and either a movie, or geocaching, and errands (Lowe’s/Home Depot, groceries……). Just being together makes us happy. 🙂

  2. I’m missing my husband today. Monday’s hard after the weekend. My hubbie worked on Saturday too, so I really got short-changed this past weekend! Love your list 🙂

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