Little Pieces of Me

Do you ever feel you may be trying too hard?

I have given up some things in the past couple months which I truly miss.

The first was my lunch dates with my husband.

Once or twice a week he would stop and we would have lunch. I’d get a chance to get a hug and a couple kisses.  Even some time to talk.  I decided Thursday I needed this time back.  So he stopped by and we had a nice lunch together.

The other was my love for baking.  Sometimes there nothing more I love to do than be in my kitchen whipping up something fabulous. 

Thursday night I had flour all over me and on the floor.  I could smell my fresh cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.

My mother always gets mad at me.  She tells me I try too hard and then I fall flat on my face.

I agree with her.

But it is hard when you have had success and don’t want to go back.

So I think I will always keep trying to be me and let myself enjoy life.

I have to understand I must do it in moderation and keep myself grounded.

Today I look back and smile.

I feel like I picked up a couple of little pieces of me I left behind!


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