Soft Serve

It that time of year when the flowers blooms and the sun shines!

And every ice cream place opens for business.

Where I live any direction I go there is a little place that sells this frozen delight.

I just ask for a vanilla cone with lots of sprinkles! Chocolate or rainbow!

As I keep trying to lose weight I have to control my cravings!

Usually I will be driving along when I tell my husband to stop.

Hopefully he won’t listen to me.

But he loves it just as much as I do!

Happy Spring!



5 thoughts on “Soft Serve

  1. Well your in luck since there are so many froyo shops now! I always go for the California tart because it has the least amount of calories for the most amount of froyo! Put some blueberries or strawberries on top with a dash of fruity pebbles – HEAVEN!! OR you could always put in a small dish instead of a cone to save a few extra calories. Let me say this as well ..when I am trying to stay away but just can’t I run to McDonald’s – YES I KNOW – There ice cream cone (vanilla) fills me up and keeps me satisfied for around 170 calories! So try that when you desperate and want to stay on track! It is a struggle but worth the fight!
    Good luck I love my ice cream as well and HAPPY SPRING!!!

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