A Soft Whisper

Love never loses its appeal!

In fact it becomes an integral part of your being!

I love little moments. 

The poem I wrote reflects how I love to whisper to my husband that I love him. 

There are no other words. 

I love to see the happy look on his face and his smile. 

A soft whisper
In your ear
The words of love
You long to hear
Feel my presence
A voice call your name
Life as you know
Will never be the same
My love has touched you
A special gift from me
The beauty of us
For the world to see
Eyes tell the story
Our splendor to behold
A precious life to live
As we grow old
It seems all so simple
The words that we say
Gives us the hope
To face a bold new day
It is my wish
When I am not around
You hear my whisper
As a sweet and soulful sound
To remind you of me
How much I care
The beauty of us
Love that we share



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