An Empty Desk

An empty desk can seem so lonely! 

Especially when someone should be sitting at it. 

The person that sits at this desk is no ordinary person.

We will call him “R” for short.

R is everyone’s friend.  He has an awesome sense of humor and loves to crack up everyone in the office. 

On long afternoons his rich voice fills the air and his jokes light up your day.

For example when “Unchained Melody” plays you can hear his voice across the room. On birthdays he would do his an Elvis impression by singing happy birthday to you! The coldest winter days he would wear his green trench coat with his Russian fur hat.

On Fridays he would rally the troops in the Friday dance!

The list goes on and on!

He is kind, compassionate ,helpful and full of life. 

R takes time from his day to help others and make work a little more bearable.

There has never been a day at the office that I have not smiled because of him.

I would say I just miss him.  Everything about him!

So I hope he gets back to work! ASAP!

I want to hear his voice again and enjoy his little jokes.

Life is way too short to be miserable!

It may just look like an empty desk in the corner but its means more that that to me!


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