Making Time for Us

Marriage has its up and downs.

It’s never seems to be a smooth road.

Instead there are some bumps and a couple of huge potholes.

I love being married to my husband but I will admit the last couple years have been a challenge.

We were slowing drifting apart.

All week we work different schedules and never see each other.

Every weekend he made plans which did not include our family. 

I would sit there and feel frustrated!

I couldn’t comprehend his decisions.

It was more important that he go fishing, bowling or play in his band.

When I asked him about it he said I could go with him.

Last time I remembered both parties should have a say in the decision.

I am willing to bend but everything should not be on his terms.

A couple weeks ago we were going out on a date night.

He asked if I minded if tomorrow he went out with his friend.

I exploded!  I could not believe we were spending time with each other and he was thinking of his friend and not me.

As we were arguing I told him I was worth everything and he should want to spend time with me.

If his attitude did not change then he could get out.

I understand he loves me.

But is love always enough?

If I wanted to be by myself I would not have gotten married.

We have slowly climbed out as a couple.

He is a great man and loves me.

And I see he is trying to do right by our family.

The weekends have been better because he is making time for us!

I will never accept less when I know I am worth so much more!

The past couple of weekends have been family time and we have both tried to focus more on each other.

It has given me a better outlook.

A little bit more strength and lot more happiness.

Relationships evolve.

Love stays but people change.

I do love him!

We need to make time for us!


7 thoughts on “Making Time for Us

  1. I understand…I feel like my husband and I are at a crossroad right now. I love him but he makes me sick at times. I dream of being free and not under his domineering ways.

  2. I like the bare-it-all honesty, no blog is worth reading without it, in my opinion. I am the flip side of your coin (currently) but the frustration still remains. My situation is that my hubs & I spend TOO much time together (and anyone who’s sitting there like “they must not really be in love because if they were they wouldn’t feel that way”: let me tell you, after 12 years together (3 married), spending too much time together IS a thing & does happen to people who are in love. Anyway…)…everyday practically, from the time we get up to the time we go to bed. The kids are in school during the day, so it’s just us, no distractions. We watch TV together, we go outside to smoke together, we do household chores together. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point; it’s been this way for 5+ months now & it’s driving us BOTH crazy.
    In my opinion, every solid, good relationship can & does benefit from time together, time apart & time with family. You don’t stop being your own person just because you get married &/or have kids. It’s still super important to make time for YOU & your hobbies. Males AND females…I can’t stand the situations where the husband does whatever he wants, expects the wife to sit at home, then never offers to switch places & let her do her thing. It’s equally important to make time for each other & family time, for everyone. With everything so fast paced & busy these days it can be a challenge to make time for everything, and it’s easy to get swept up in a routine & not even realize it.
    I’m sorry this is so long winded, lol. I’m sick & bored & tend to carry on. I’m glad that you were able to break through to him & direct some of his focus back on you & y’all’s marriage. Now start working in some girl time & you’ll be good to go! 😉

    • 🙂 we have to let it out. Each relationship is different! I felt I was there & not much else! My son & I have so much to give!! Take time for yourself!!!

  3. I’m glad you and your husband are working on making more time together. My husband is very much a home-body, and isn’t very social. We have a good balance though. I spend time with friends during the weekdays when he’s at work and we spend evenings and weekends together.

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