Saturday Sililoquy

Often I find myself thinking about the past week and how certain themes have inspired or helped me feel better.

It’s funny but I find weight watchers is great group therapy.

We all sit and talk about our problems with our weight and our challenge to get healthier.

We identify a group topic and then focus on it.

This week the main topic was change.

The group agreed that in order to lose weight the focus should be on the person and not just the eating habits.

In order to make the necessary life changes people must be willing to change.

Change involves your mind, body and soul.

We laughed a lot and there were a lot of reflections on our pasts.

This morning I have been sitting here thinking about it.

My questions are

Why is change so hard?

Why do we always want to revert back?

I’m not sure!

But I keep working on it!




4 thoughts on “Saturday Sililoquy

  1. You’re doing SO great and those are both fantastic questions.
    Why do we fight change so hard? Hmmm, I guess because we’re not comfortable with being uncomfortable. With change comes unfamiliar territory and fear, so we resist.

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