He Needs Me

My son represents everything that is good in my life!!

He has the most soulful brown eyes with the sweetest disposition! (Most of the time!)

Last night he was about to go to bed when all of a sudden he started a coughing fit.

I ran into his room and he began to throw up all over the place.

I took his hand and began to calm him down. He was so upset and began telling me he was sorry.

The next few moments I reassured him everything was okay.  I tided up his room and cleaned him off in the bedroom. 

I grabbed a fresh blanket and laid down in bed next to him.

“Momma,” He said, “I want you here with me always.”

He grabbed me and pulled me close to him.

“I always will be baby.” I fought back the tears and held him tight!

What a wonderful night!







4 thoughts on “He Needs Me

  1. I hope he’s feeling better today. As a mom of adult kids, you will always be in his life until you draw your last breath. There’s nothing stronger than the mother-child bond. 🙂

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